How Your Portal Works
  After joining SkyAdBoard network, you get your own exclusive portal(Ad Board).
And then You can offer free ad board for surfers to post their Ads,
and get them back to your portal again and again via expiry email notice.
We maintain your ad board and handle all Ad posting processes.
The only thing you have to do is setting up your text link ads,banner ad and email ads, etc.

What are the benefits for getting a money-making portal today?
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*. Getting instant 50's of fresh email leads if you order a "1 YEAR OF money-making portal" ownership;
    Getting instant 300's of fresh email leads if you order a "LIFETIME money-making portal" ownership.
    It means that you need not to do any further efforts, you get these verified fresh posters.

1. Collectting the email address of everyone that posts an ad on your ad board.
2. You can promote your own businesses via banner ad, text links ad and email ad,
    and the best part is you can chagne your ads at any time you like.
3. You can insert your email ad within a "Confirmation E-mail" and get it sent to all posters, automatically,
    once they haved completed their ad posting on your Ad board.
4. You can insert another email ad within a "Expiry notice E-mail" once your posters' ads have expired.
5. Your text link Asd always appear on the top postions of all your referrals Ad boards.
6. Best of all, with every new "money-making portal" you sell, you earn a $10.00 USD of commission
   for selling a "1 YEAR OF MONEY-MAKING PORTAL" ownership,
   or earn $20.00 USD for selling a "LIFETIME MONEY-MAKING PORTAL" ownership.
   All commissions are sent to your Paypal or Payza account instantly.

The Best time and the best price for you to get a money-making portal!
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1 Year of Exclusive Money-making Portal Ownership: $19.97

Lifetime Exclusive Money-Making Portal Ownership: $49.95

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